We have an opportunity to portray our individuality on a daily through our wardrobe presentation. But, given our circumstances here in Canada, sometimes it can be a challenge to pull off our style while protecting ourselves from the elements. Here are some tips to keeping it chic and looking polished, while still being comfortable in the cold.


Using techniques such as layering or neutralized color blocking will certainly enhance your look, even on a bad day. Another great Canadian wardrobe advantage? The variety of statement pieces you can add to your outfit to express your personal style. These fashion techniques can enhance your look, no matter what the weather brings.


Because our days seem shorter, it can be a challenge to prevent our gloomy days from becoming “lazy days”. Heading home after work often means staying home for the night. To prevent this from happening, plan your wardrobe so that you can save yourself a trip home before the evening begins. Layering is essential; as you can strip away pieces to present a new look for a night out. Refer to the model from the Versace collection to see what you can do to break down your suit look into stylish night attire. Classic and sharp.



A smart way to pull off the different layers that keep us warm during the winter months is to use color blocking. This means keeping your colors cohesive throughout the whole outfit by complementing each tone. Above, you’ll see a model showcasing a beautiful green raincoat, paired with a similar color as a top, and so forth. This technique makes your style equally complimentary to the eye as it does to the climate.


Finally, adding statement pieces like toques, scarves, gloves, a modern boot or a knee length trench coat can finalize any outfit and give it the distinct personality you desire. And, while we all know that sock game is a “thing,” I’ll have you know that there is nothing sexier than a simple white, gray, or black cashmere sock. Especially when paired with a statement piece like leather lace up boots. So, let go of the battle of the socks, fellas. Being minimalistic has, and will always be, admirable.



Don’t worry about trends, they come and go. Worry about where you find you’re comfort and what garments portray your personality the most. Be who you are – and look good doing it! In any season or temperature, personality is by far the most delicate piece of the puzzle.





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