Before I begin, I can not emphasize how important it is for your suits to be well-tailored. It’s all about | THE FIT | Check out our article for how your suit should fit here!

1.| NAVY BLUE | If you’re going to own just one suit, because you’re not really a suit type of guy, then you must have a navy blue suit. It’s a necessity in every man’s wardrobe to own one. It’s a multipurpose suit that can be dressed conservatively for an interview, dressed formally for a wedding, or dressed down for an evening out. In the business world, navy-blue suits are often the most popular and stylistically preferred. For jobs that require you to wear a suit every day, this would be a good one to wear around the office. You can pretty much wear this suit every day of your life with a white dress-shirt and brown shoes – people will think you’re a walking style icon or a guy who only owns more than one suit. This color offers a more flexible wear when it comes to your style, especially when you decide to substitute the navy pants for that of a khaki or brown color.


Officine Generale + Vivienne Westwood FW16


You’re probably thinking what about a black suit? Black suits are boring and in all honesty you don’t really get your money’s worth. Think about it, how often have you worn a black suit compared to your others?

2.| DOUBLE-BREASTED | I would like to introduce you to the modernized double-breasted suit. Why is it modernized? It’s become slimmer and more trimmed from its previous silhouette. The same rules apply for the fit as a single-breasted suit. The beauty of the DB suit is that you can show very little whilst still managing to make a fashion-forward statement. The lapels on a DB suit are peaked, which help make your chest look broader and give your body that hourglass-like shape.


Joseph Abboud + Antonio Marras FW16


For you guys out there who don’t like wearing dress pants and are more a denim type of guy, then I would recommend you buy a DB blazer. It compliments so well under a straight-leg pair of jeans, with nice polished dress shoes.

3.| DARK CHARCOAL – GREY |  It’s definitely one of the more appropriate colors. In the business world this suit is considered as a standard type of professional attire. Versatility is one of the main reasons as to why the charcoal grey suit is popular. There are very little colors that can clash with the suit and turn you away. It’s a neutral shade that can be tastefully matched with almost any color. Purple is one of my favorite colors to match with a charcoal grey suit- they both compliment each other rather well.


Antonio Marras + Boglioli FW16

4.| PLAID PRINTED |  These are one of the suits that I would say are an essential for your wardrobe. For the fashion-forward modern man, this suit would have you standing out in any event. Plaid suits are suitable for both day and night wear. For daytime occasions, you can dress this suit down with a white oxford dress-shirt with the top button unbuttoned. For the majority of my day events, I will wear a patterned suit. Patterns decrease the formality of the suit, which make it perfect for day events. Take into consideration the checkered print as well (right).


Joseph Abboud + Canali FW16


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