MCM logoWe live in an increasingly complex and evolving world, where establishing your personal identity is essential for making your mark. In a changing global landscape, understanding what makes you unique and how to set yourself apart from the masses is a necessity. Information is power, and knowledge is one of the key tools for staying ahead of the competition in a world demanding the exceptional.


Men’s Culture Magazine (MCM) is born from a vision to provide ambitious and trend focused Canadian men with up-to-date fashion, lifestyle and cultural information. By providing first class content, our goal is to supply our readers with an advantage in today’s rapidly changing world. The vision for MCM materialized into our digital platform, built from an enduring commitment to provide readers with high quality and inspirational content. Our objective is to share information on personal fashion, lifestyle and culture that will support and back you in achieving success in every walk of life.


Our mission at MCM is to provide high-end local content, with a special focus on local entrepreneurship and creativity. We are proudly Canadian – hailing from Calgary, Alberta with a goal to make our city the cultural mecca of our amazing country. Along with stellar local content, MCM opens its horizons with select cultural pieces as a gateway for readers to draw inspiration from trends and lifestyles from around the world.


The primary goal for us at MCM is to expand outwards to touch all the borders of Canada – and beyond. We are committed to becoming a leading voice in fashion, lifestyle and all things culture. We aim to inspire not only today’s gentleman, but also all those who are looking to be elevated in order to distinguish themselves from the rest.