“Another idea that can shake up the night and bring out the spontaneous bad-ass in you is to show up for your date with a version of a treasure hunt.”

Last time we shared with you our Dating Principle #1 – to keep the focus outwards when you head out for a great night with your date. By engaging in activities that place your focus on the outside world, the pressure is taken off, opening you up to a more light-hearted environment. We want to keep the momentum going and hook you up with some more fun ideas in our principle #2…because, hey – in case you forgot, dating is supposed to be fun!


Principle #2 – Be Prepared for Spontaneity

One of the top qualities that people look for in a romantic partner is spontaneity. Being spontaneous sounds great in theory, but what does it mean in practical terms? And, how do you harness its power when it may not be your top quality? In its simplest terms, being spontaneous means being open to the moment and taking chances. What is the power of living spontaneously? When we take chances in the moment we don’t have time to develop grand expectations or attachments to a specific outcome. Spontaneity consequently brings out great qualities that people admire and search for in others, such as being relaxed, uninhibited and flexible. And, with less pressure on yourself, you are way more likely to let some other striking qualities of yours shine!



Principle #2 date night suggestions

A unique suggestion is to meet your date for a coffee or a drink, and to show up prepared to be spontaneous. Try generating a list of happenings and events around town (check out our list here) or from our friends at It’s Date Night. With confidence, hand your date the list and a dice, and have them roll to see which activity on the list you will partake in for the evening. Living in the moment like this signals to your date that you are open to adventure, and let’s face it – even if the night is a total bust – neither of you picked it! This opens the door for talking about the night long after the date is over.



Another idea that can shake up the night and bring out the spontaneous bad-ass in you is to show up for your date with a version of a treasure hunt. The key here is to pick something fun, odd, or obscure, something that you can search for the best version of in the city. For example, have you ever searched for the best Piña Colada in Calgary? Or the best mint chocolate chip ice cream? The search can take you to places that neither of you have ever been (again keeping the focus outwards and light-hearted), while using teamwork can help you learn a lot about each other and bring out your playful sides. No matter what you choose, your spontaneous nature is a surefire way to make it a stand-out night!


Good luck out there and remember to stay tuned for dating principle #3 – Memorability is in the Details.


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