Let’s discuss the trends coming back this season that we’re going to get you to pull off in the coming months. We are seeing some boyish trends coming back into play, such as baseball caps and neck-scarves with scout-worthy knots. Other than these “boyish” trends, we have some great pieces that need to be incorporated into your outfits.

1. | NECKER |

If any of you have been in the boy scouts before, you’ll probably know what I’m talking about. You’ve probably seen a sailor wear them too. The neckerchiefs have been seen in previous Spring 2016 shows such as Louis Vuitton and Hermes.

These square scarves are folded diagonally and then rolled up. The rolled ends pass around the neck and are tied with a knot in the front. Substitute your ties with a necker in these coming seasons.


J. Crew SS15


Men usually throw on a cap because we’re too lazy to do our hair or when it’s convenient to do so- funnily enough, this lack of effort has recently become a trend. Keeping it cool and laid back this upcoming season is in! It’s every man’s dream to look lazy but still hot. Pull out your best street style look this season and cap it up!

Check out these CAP looks from the previous Spring 2016 fashion shows.


Balmain SS16

3. | SILK | Scarves

OPULENCE is the only word I can use to describe when I think about adding a silk scarf to one’s evening suit attire. It takes your look to the next level, and gives it the class it deserves. Everyone looks good in a suit, so why not take it a step further and make it great.


Pitti Uomo 89

4. |TIE PINS |

Originally, a tie-pin was a neckwear controlling piece to secure the folds in ascots or cravats. It was a symbol of wealth earlier in the 19th century, but these days we make above minimum wage, so we’re all pretty much “wealthy”. I’m going to be honest here, I really don’t care what it symbolizes, but it looks pretty good. It’s a great statement piece for the outfits that don’t live up to what you had imagined.

Depending on the size of the pin, it may leave holes in your tie. Luckily, there are magnetic tie pins that won’t leave any! You can buy them at www.tiemags.com.

5. | LOAFERS |

Surprisingly, I haven’t seen many guys in Canada pull this trend off. It has been a regular appearance for the past couple of years, but not so much here. It’s one of the stylish shoes you can wear during the spring and summer. Don’t like wearing socks? Perfect. Try on loafers without socks, with a pair of slim fit or skinny jeans. You want to rock a basic look? Just wear a white oxford shirt, with your denims rolled up above your ankles and put on some loafers. It’s a great fashion forward look that can be pulled off on the daily.


Pitti Uomo : Streetstyle shots by Tommy Ton


The fashion-forward versatility of these briefcases are for the modern man who means business but also wants to follow trends and look attractive. This would be a great graduation gift. Send them into the work force in style! These briefcases have come a long way from what our fathers would carry around, in that they’re less structured and are made of lightweight material.


Lapo Elkann – Stolkholm Streetstyle + Filippo Cirulli

7. | RINGS |

I love rings. They can help elevate your entire look, especially whilst dressed casually. You can layer up your rings and get that edgy rock inspired look, or you can pull off the edgy bohemian style. Stay away from bands unless you’re layering up or trying to repel the single folks around you.


Pitti Uomo


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