Your wardrobe would seem a little light without the inclusion of | TURTLENECKS |  especially here in Canada when it always seems to be Fall/ Winter. They have been highly prevalent in the recent Fall/Winter 2016 fashion shows. Turtlenecks are an effortless, stylish piece that can be worn with much versatility. You can compliment their natural silhouette effect by wearing them with a cardigan – layer it up underneath a dress-shirt, or hit it home under a slim fitted suit for an evening out. 



Turtlenecks are a sartorial piece that can be recycled time after time. Some people may consider it juvenile, whilst others may want to see it on your grandpa, but the fact remains that this piece of clothing is back in style. They are perfect to combat the cold, harsh winters with, but can also leave you looking rather fashionable and sophisticated.

TIP: You’re going to notice that after time your turtleneck becomes somewhat “dysfunctional”. I guess you can say it happens with age, a bit of a scary thought for us men. The good news is that THERE IS A CURE!

You’re going to want to avoid throwing in a wet sweater into the dryer; this would cause your sweater to shrink. We’re going to use the same principle and only apply water to the neck. When you’ve done so, throw it into the dryer and wait for it dry. This will help with the neck to get tighter.


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