How often do we forget to take care of our shoes? I know I sure do, but that’s mainly because I don’t want to spend the extra few bucks. Trust me on this one however, in the long run it saves you from buying a new pair.pittiuomowinterFIRST: Spray your suede or leather shoes with a water-repellent product. This will help your shoes from being ruined by the occasional rainfall or snowfall. Keep in mind though that these products do not make your shoes waterproof – they will only help with the occasional splash. Spray all of your shoes! Use protection… in all circumstances.


Shoes completely soaked? I know your first instinct is to put them near a heater and rub it down with a towel. DO NOT DO THIS! The heat will dry out the leather and suede too quickly and will damage the material.

STEP 1: Stuff and wrap your shoes with NEWSPAPER. This will help dry your shoes quickly and won’t damage your shoes. Depending how soaked your shoes are, you might need to replace the newspaper more than once.

STEP 2: Once your shoes are dry, use a leather conditioner to make up for the loss of natural oils. Suede shoes? Use a suede eraser to rub off the small distortion of the suede fuzz.

STEP 3: Apply water-repellent spray.

SECOND: We’ve all experienced | SALT-STAINS | Did you know you can get rid of salt stains with a house-hold item. #VINEGAR

Step 1: Mix equal amounts of water and vinegar and dab the salt ring around your shoe. DO NOT SCRUB.

Step 2: Rinse the area with a clean soaked cloth, then dab it with a dry cloth to avoid any water marks.

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